Farhan Akhtar shares his pictures with his GF Shibani Dandekar


Farhan Akhtar and Shibani Dandekar are one of Bollywood's new talkies. The love of this couple has got many views on social media. At the same time, Farhan Akhtar has shared very romantic pictures with GF Shibani on social media. This picture became viral only after the shares of Farhan.

Farhan shared his Instagram handle with a Symbian romantic picture, "You can see him right now, not now. Thank you for Shibani very lovely evening. "In the picture, they are embraced by Shibani and both are looking very cute. As you know, Shibani is an actress, singer, and model. He has been in relation with Farhan for a long time. Fans are doing very positive comments on this picture of Farhan and Shibani.

This photo of Farhan has taken 2.10 lakh people in 10 hours. This is not the first time Farhan shares a picture with Shibani. Shibani also shares photos with BF Farhan. Farhan Akhtar's name has been associated with many Bollywood actresses. At the same time, the diamond of the affair itself Shibani shared the picture with Farhan.

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Web Title: Farhan Akhtar shares his pictures with his GF Shibani Dandekar

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